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  • It is super fun!
  • Isn’t it the reason enough, but since I said ‘ten reasons’, here we go!
  • It is totally affordable, even if you are almost broke, you can still afford it.
  • The famous lassi will cost you only Rs. 50 and thali Rs. 60, even on a shoestring budget you can go there!The view of the bonfire before the color Holi is a sight to behold.
  • The flower decoration around it, adds up to the charm of the whole scene. Making it a divine.
  • This desi celebration is given a western touch by the electronic music playing all over city.
  • The vibes are so contagious that you will not be able to resist yourself.
  • Some places of accommodation were Havelis at first, then converted into inns, one totally gets those historic feels while residing in them.
  • Some being even hundred years old designed with those classic decors and styles.
  • The colorfulness of the city is a sight you wouldn’t get in any corner of the world.
  • The rainbowlike hues are such a delight, azure on head and violet on feet.
  • The post Holi scenes are no less of a thrill, the sunset post your enjoyment will be view you’ll cherish like never before.
  • There is a lake in the heart of the city that adds up to the serenity of the moment.
  • You can shop around lavishly.
  • A lot of hippie stuff is available around along with traditional Rajasthani attires, leather, and home decor that wouldn’t cost a big fat amount.
  • This place witnesses blend of people from all over the world for this occasion.
  • This truly makes one feel essence of ‘vasudeva kutumbhakam’ when people come together from all places leaving behind their prejudices.
  • Simply the collective frequency of the city on this pious day.
  • This global village beats on a different level this day owing to all the merry making and the galore of excitement.

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