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“Beaches beyond Goa”

There are these hidden gems that are still untouched by debilitating effects of civilization and should be on your priority list before they become too mainstream. BTS brings you the list of these amazing beaches from all corners of India that will fulfill your dosage of Vitamin Sea.

  1. Kashid Beach, Maharashtra

This white beach with azure water can be anything! Be it your desi-dream wedding destination or a point to chill around with your friends. The serenity of this place cannot be put into words but felt when you are actually there. Added advantage is hot air balloon which can give you the perfect view of the beach for the sky. Start bag packing right now to sulk in this inexplicable feeling.

  1. Varkala beach, Kerala

This beach on the coastline of Arabian sea can become your medium of soul-searching. Evidently there is a whole lot of temples on the coastline and the beach is also known as ‘Paapnasham beach’ which literally translates to ‘sin-washing beach’. Also, the yoga and ayurvedic treatment from the famous centers near the beach can make your trip a whole healing package.

  1. Paradise beach, Karnataka

This serene beach is still cut-off from the civilization and can be reached only by motor boat or hitch-hiking. Interestingly it was also known as the Hippie beach. The beach can be your escape from the monotony of the modern life and you can awake the hippie inside you. It is also known as full moon beach because of its shape.

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  1. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman Island

This beach is counted among most beautiful beaches in Asia and should be on top of the list if one wishes to bask in sun and swim around in blue water. The ocean is crystal clear and the beach cleanest. The trees are found in abundance so you can simply sit in the shade and relax. This beach is the perfect destination to chill around in laps of nature and forget all the worries in the life.

  1. Nargol Beach, Gujarat

This isolated beach can be your perfect run-away from the civilization. Striking feature of this beach is its black sand which is different from gold-colored sand found on Indian beaches. This place also has a fire temple (Parsi worship place) so this can be a perfect beach for also those who are keen about gothic or heritage places.

  1. Yarada beach, Andhra Pradesh

Out of the all the beaches in V1izag, this is the solitary one which ofcourse equates to solace. The hillocks around can be relaxing to eyes accompanied by the turquoise water. One more relaxing factor of this beach is that it is still less commercialized which means no vendors annoying you perpetually with coconut water or eatables which will strongly add to your feel-good moment.

  1. Mandarmani beach, West Bengal

Located on the tip of “Bay of Bengal” is the perfect destination if you are seeking a tranquility from the mordern world. The casuarina trees or “jhau” trees as they call them in bengali are found in abundance on this beach which definitely add up to its beauty. There are also little handicraft shops that sell jewellery made up of shells which gives you more beachy-vibes.

  1. Bangaram, Lakshadweep

The astonishing features of this beach are its blue lagoons and coral reefs. This virgin island can make you witness best sunrise and sunset of your life. Coconut palms on this beach can make you heart go all-poetic. Visiting it with your partner can make your experience even more heavenly.

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